With over 300 acres the Daniel Boone Conservation League grounds has many features including hiking trails, fishing pond, archery range, 3D archery range, trap and skeet ranges, and five rifle and pistol ranges.

100-200 yard Rifle Range

The 100-200 yard Rifle Range is the longest range at the facility.  It features berms at various increments for steel targets and target carriers at 200 yards.


The pistol range features individually separated stations much like an indoor range with target carrier increments of 7, 10, and 12 yards,


The club features five trap fields and one skeet field.  Trap house 5 has a doubles machine.

3D Archery

The 3D archery range is a nice long walk through woods and fields with 25 3D targets setup at various ranges and positions to simulate hunting scenarios.

25-50 yard Rifle\Pistol Range

The 25-50 yard range is for short to medium range rifle and longer range pistol target shooting.

Auxiliary Range

The auxiliary range has both 50 yard and 100 yard shooting positions and also features the running deer target.


The archery field features a number of archery target stands and targets as well as bow hangers..

Nature Trails

The Daniel Boone property has over 2.5 miles of hiking trails.  See the trail map here.