Range closure update 9-17

Tuesday, September 18

Pinno will finish the baffle work on the 50 meter range on Tuesday.  Both the 50 meter and Handgun range will be closed until this job is done.
IF they move to the 200, the 200 may be closed late in the afternoon.

Range closure update 9/13

The baffle construction on the 50 Meter and 200 yard ranges will begin early Thursday morning, September 13th.

Both the 50 Meter range and the 200 yard range will be closed most of the day for drilling and pouring cement for the supports.

It is possible that the Handgun range will be closed for short periods of time to protect the workers on Thursday as well.

The Auxiliary Range should be open during construction.

Please watch this website for further updates.

Range closures

The 50, 100/200, and Handgun ranges will be closed for baffle construction beginning Monday, 8/27, weather permitting,  Different ranges will be closed on different days  going forward for approximately the next 3 weeks. Range availability cannot be predicted ahead of time. Use common sense before coming to the club to use these ranges. Call the Caretakers for the latest info.  Check the Bulletin Board. Check the Online Calendar.  Please be patient.